With the development of cleaning technology, users have also put forward more requirements for cleanroom operation. The types of cleanrooms became more and more to meet the different needs of various industries.

Youthtech is a professional cleanroom supply manufacturer in China since 2005. In this post, we will share with you the types of cleanrooms. There are many cleanrooms types according to the different standards. We will introduce four types as below:

Modular cleanrooms

The modular cleanrooms design can change as per your needs that provide permanent sterile environments.

The advantage of modular cleanrooms is that the electrical, lighting, and ventilation systems in their design, making it quick and easy to add them to manufacturing workshops. Since the modular cleanrooms are free-standing, you can put them in the best location on your production floor; you can even easily move them as your production demands or workflows change.

These modular cleanrooms are perfect in various industries, including semiconductors, aerospace, medical device, and pharmaceutical.

modular cleanroom systems supplier

Soft wall cleanrooms

The soft wall cleanroom is a confined space of a steel frame, with clear panels and a strip door, and HEPA filters and lighting. You can control the environment in the soft wall cleanroom, making them perfect for workstations free of contaminants and particles or workshops.

One of the advantages of a soft wall cleanroom is that it’s less expensive than the cost of configuring an entire work area manufacturing space as a cleanroom or buying a hard wall cleanroom. Also, soft wall cleanroom’s design can change according to your needs, and they’re easy to put together, take apart, and move. 

Youthtech is a professional soft wall cleanroom manufacturer that you can trust.

soft wall cleanroom

Hard wall cleanrooms

The hard wall cleanroom systems are suitable for all types of manufacturing workshops that need a controlled environment.

The modular hard wall cleanrooms have acrylic walls that are sturdy and rigid – built to last. The hardware cleanrooms can change to meet your specifications, including ISO classifications 4-8 (the equivalent of Class 10 through Class 100,000). Usually, the hard wall cleanrooms do not include the HEPA filters, and you need to invest them separately.

Hard wall cleanrooms

Portable cleanrooms

Portable cleanrooms have the best mobility among all types of cleanrooms, so portable cleanrooms are also called mobile cleanrooms. If you need inexpensive mobile cleanrooms, please consider investing in the portable cleanroom. The mobile cleanrooms have soft wall curtains, strip doors, and filters, they are on wheels that roll the cleanroom to wherever you need it in your manufacturing facility, and you’ll immediately create a quality-controlled environment with low particle counts.

These portable cleanrooms are suitable for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, aerospace, semiconductor, optics, scientific research, nanotechnology, and the military.

Portable cleanrooms

In Youthtech, our products including all types of cleanrooms, cleanroom air filterspurification equipmentcleanroom furniture, clean room panels, and the portable cleanroom for sale at the same time.

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