Before choosing equipment for your cleanroom, it is necessary to take some time to understand relevant knowledge with your workmate. Selecting the right cleanroom equipment is critical to maintaining a contamination-free environment.

The equipment in a clean environment should adapt to easily cleanable, non-porous, and non-shedding materials. In the cleanroom, there are air filters, purification equipment, cleanroom furniture, and other equipment that ensure the normal operation of the cleanroom.

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Youthtech is a professional cleanroom supply manufacturer in China since 2005. In this post, we will share with you some advice when you were choosing the equipment.

Cleanroom equipment needs to have a reasonable design

  1. When choosing cleanroom equipment, you should select materials that can provide a cleanliness level that meets the requirements of ISO 14644-4.
  2. It is good to evaluate the suitability of cleanroom equipment in terms of the cleanliness of particles in the air.
  3. The key to ensuring compliance is the correct selection of materials. The equipment needs to be smooth, cleanable, and have low particle emissions.
  4. Where possible, the equipment in the room should have an inclined surface.
  5. Storage cabinets, gowning cabinets and benches, and other change room furniture should use stainless steel or solid laminate. The seating should have a covering that does not absorb particles and a plastic covering.

The cleanability of cleanroom equipment

One of the most important aspects of choosing the right equipment for your cleanroom boils down to cleaning ability. The selected material must be able to withstand the harsh chemicals required for environmental disinfection. Stainless steel, aluminum, and powder-coated finishes provide the best protection against degradation caused by cleaning solutions. Many disinfectants can cause damage to products made of fragile materials, such as acrylic, PVC, polycarbonate, high-pressure laminate, and other synthetic products.

Replacement parts

If the equipment breaks down, you need to make sure that you have a backup on hand. Therefore, I recommend that you order important spare parts along with your initial purchase. Ask your supplier for the make and model of each piece of equipment and a complete parts list. Make sure they include the expected life of each component. It ensures that you will not run out of spare parts resources in the future.

Quality and cost of ownership

Although many companies are under pressure to minimize capital expenditures, you must consider both the initial operating costs of the equipment and the long-term maintenance costs of the equipment. You may pay more for higher-quality equipment, but in the long run, higher-quality equipment may save you from having to buy replacement parts and accessories in the end. Remember, the old saying “you get what you pay for” is usually true!

In Youthtech, our products including all types of cleanrooms, cleanroom air filterspurification equipment, cleanroom furniture, clean room panels. If you have any interest, please get in touch with us via the contact form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


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