The clean room systems are usually for the production process line, and this production line usually needs air filters, cleanroom furniture, and clean room panels. But if we only need a clean area, the softwall cleanroom is a very good choice.

Youthtech is a professional clean room manufacturer since 2005. With about 16 years of experience, our factory has passed the relevant product certificates and the factory audit. In this post, we will share with you about the soft wall cleanroom.

What is the softwall cleanroom?

The soft wall is the most economical type of modular clean room wall structure. The frame is a sturdy steel frame, and the walls are transparent and flexible panels. And this encloses the sterile area.
The positive airflow pushes the air down through the clean room, and it allows the particles to go through the low-level exhaust port.

softwall cleanroom

What are the features of the softwall cleanroom?

The softwall cleanroom is very economical because the room it takes is not as big as a clean room system. And also it can move to another place very easily. It’s very suitable for a flexible workshop—Especially for the temporary clean room walls.

Since the softwall cleanroom is also modular cleanrooms, the area can be from several square meters to hundreds of square meters. On the other side, its available area is huge. Compared with the traditional cleanroom, it needs less investment, high returns, and is very stable.

What are the materials of the softwall cleanroom?

Usually, there are two materials for the softwall cleanroom, and they are PolySim and PVC. Below are the advantages of the different materials.

Advantage of the Polysim materials:

  • Class 1 fire resistant
  • There is No deflation, no smudging
  • Permanent ESD dissipation
  • Environmental
  • Transparent, white, or black colors are available.

Advantages of PVC material:

  • The PVC is very popular and economical.
  • Static version optional.
  • Not degradable under environmental conditions.
  • Anti-UV
  • Multi-colors are available

What industries will need the softwall cleanroom?

Usually, the modular cleanrooms are very suitable for the food industry. Other industries will be LCM, CMOS camera module, touch playback, optical module, film, biopharmaceutical.

What is clean room equipment in the softwall cleanroom?

  • Dynamic pass box

Pass Box

  • Air Shower

Air Shower cleanroom supply

  • ULPA air filter

seperator HEPA ULPA filter

  • Sticky Pad
  • Barometer
  • Gowning Area

cleanroom supplies gowning cabinet

  • Different pressure control devices
  • Transparent/mesh PVC curtains
  • Constant temperature and humidity air conditioning system.

What is the cost of our softwall cleanroom?

Well, since our company Youthtech is a professional cleanroom supply manufacturer in China. That means our prices are very competitive. Since there are different types of equipment in the cleanroom, don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form below. Please advise your requirements, and we will come up with a professional quotation.

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