A cleanroom is a controlled environment with a strict standard of dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapors. Many cleanrooms are permanent buildings, but more and more users are looking for a more flexible solution. The soft wall modular cleanrooms are popular in new industries due to their versatility and ease of installation.

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Any enterprise or application where small particles will adversely affect the manufacturing, production, or packaging process can benefit from modular cleanrooms. Youthtech is a professional cleanroom supply manufacturer in China since 2005. In this post, we will share with you the application of softwall modular cleanrooms.

The modular cleanroom system is flexible and economical.

Modular cleanrooms are highly configurable because they consist of hard or soft panels and hard ceilings. The walls of the soft panel cleanroom are made of transparent PVC and have a small opening for entering and exiting the area. The hard wall cleanroom system consists of prefabricated panels connected to form a square or rectangular room. This style of the prefabricated cleanroom is fully enclosed and can be installed with doors, windows, and transfer ports, just like a permanent cleanroom.

The biggest advantage of soft modular cleanrooms is that they can be modified or relocated with minimal cost and downtime. Many prefabricated modular cleanrooms are almost 100% reusable. 

In general, modular cleanrooms are much cheaper than standard construction, and you can install them quickly.

Advantages of the soft wall modular cleanrooms

  1. Versatility: assembly of modular cleanrooms is easy, usually in a few days or less.
  2. Easy to reconfigure: The layout of the modular cleanroom can be rearranged, expanded, transformed, or upgraded as the user’s cleanroom needs change.
  3. Cost-effective and time-saving: The modular cost is only a small part of the permanent construction cost, and you can install it in a short time.
  4. Reduce downtime: Modular cleanroom installations have much less interference with daily operations, allowing many users to keep part or all of the processes running normally during the entire setup process.
  5. Return on investment: Because it can be dismantled, moved, and reinstalled, the modular cleanroom is considered a piece of capital equipment as such for taxation purposes.

The Advantages Of Modular Cleanroom Walls

Where are the soft wall modular cleanrooms used?

There are more and more industries adopt the modular cleanroom system into their clean critical processes.

  1. Semiconductor manufacturing.
  2. Pharmaceutical processing.
  3. Biotechnology and medical device manufacturing.
  4. Military and aerospace.
  5. Optical component manufacturing.
  6. Automotive manufacturer.
  7. Hospital clinic.
  8. Food and beverage processing.
  9. Cosmetics manufacturing.

If you are looking for a modular cleanroom, you can contact us to get the soft wall cleanroom price. In Youthtech, our products including all types of cleanrooms, cleanroom air filters, purification equipment, cleanroom furniture, clean room panels.

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