Project Description

V-bank box type high volume flow filters are used in intake, exhaust, and recirculated air filtration in HVAC systems or air conditioning systems with ultra-stringent requirements for clean air quality and sterility.

Maximum effective media area provides greater airflow capacity, low resistance, high dust holding capacity, and unusually long service life.

The V-bank configuration provides greater airflow capacity and longer service life while lowering operating costs.

Full-size standard: 24-inch by 24-inch (WxH) in depths of 4-inch, 6-inch and 12-inch configurations
Frame (header frame) material: Galvanized steel, plastic or high wet strength beverage board
Media: Glass fiber, synthetic or glass fiber/activated carbon

Standard size & Performance Parameters


(E=efficiency N=V quantity)

WidthHeight DepthNominal airflow


V quantity
VB592592292-E (M6-F9) N559259229234005
VB592592292-E (M6-F9) N449059229228004
VB287592292-E (M6-F9) N428759229217004
Class EN779M6F7F9
Efficiency EN779 [%]>65 %>85 %>95 %
Initial-ΔP [Pa] at nominal airflow90110130
Max. temp. [°C]808080



V-bank Medium Filter
V-bank Medium Filter


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