Project Description

V-bank HEPA filter ideally suits as main filter stage where high air flow rates and maximum efficiency are required, for the removal of particles, toxic dust or aerosols from the exhaust or supply airflows.

The media is water-repellent and therefore usable within air flows of high humidity.

The air entry profiles are aerodynamically shaped to reduce the pressure drop at high flow rates.

The filter frame offers maximum rigidity and is corrosion-free. Existing bag filter stages can be easily upgraded by exchange due to the fact that the V-bank filter fits into standard bag filter mounting frames.

Full-size standard: 24-inch by 24-inch (WxH) in a depth of 12-inches
Frame (header frame) material: Recycled plastic
Media: Glass fiber, synthetic or glass fiber/activated carbon

Standard size & Performance Parameters

Class EN1822E11H13H14
Efficiency EN1822@ MPPS [%]>95 %>99,95 %>99.995%
Initial-ΔP[Pa] at nominal airflow125250250
Rec. final pressure drop [Pa]600600600
Max. temp. [°C]65°65°65°

(E=efficiency N=V quantity)

WidthHeight DepthNominal airflow


V quantity
VS592592292-E (E11-H14) N559259229230005
VS592592292-E (E11-H14) N449059229224004
VS287592292-E (E11-H14) N428759229212004
V-bank HEPA filter



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V-bank HEPA Filter


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