Project Description

Sampling booth/Dispensing booth/weighing room is used for the sampling, dosing or weighing of the chemical components, sampling antibioticos, hormones, cytostatics, etc either powders or liquids that make up the finished products, it control the working area powder to prohibit them off the working room.

The sampling booth allow to obtain delimited environment area of clean and sterile air class ISO 5, through a unidirectional and descendant air filtered flow with lower pressure in the operation area. assures a slight depression and, therefore, an isolating from the surrounding area, protect user (operators) not breath the user operated powder (User Safety). The possibility of cross contamination with other products is avoided.

The small chamber air in center weighting room will pass through three grade filter system HEPA (high efficiency filter will remove 99.995% particals @MPPS) to make personal circulated. BIBO (Bag In Bag Out) system can be integrated according to customer’s requirement.

Standard size & Performance Parameters

Main Features

  • Round corner design for the working area, dust free, easy to clean
  • Wind curtain isolated, convenient operation
  • Excellent unidirectional flow pattern, no dust dispersion


  • Material SUS 304 / 316
  • Three stages filtration: G4, F8, H14
  • Exhaust Filter with suitable size.
  • Air Flow Rate:0.45 + 0.1m/sec.
  • Differential Pressure
  • Complete weighing management system with function of scanning code, weighing and labeling.
  • Sampling booth
  • Sampling booth
  • Sampling booth


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