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Panel filters are used in HVAC applications as the main filter in industrial, commercial, medical and institutional applications and as prefilters to protect and extend the life of valuable final filters. With compact construction, small volume, lightweight, and ease to be purged, assembled and removed, may be installed separately or laminated in front of bag filter. Panel filter is mainly used to filter and remove ≥5μm dust particles in the air conditioning system, protect the fine filter, and prolong its service life.

Our panel filters are available in a wide range of sizes.
A full size standard is: 24-inch by 24-inch (WxH) and depths if 1-inch, 2-inch or 4-inch
Available in many different sizes (WxH), for more information see product information
Media: Synthetic or cotton/polyester blend

Standard size & Performace Parameters

Class EN779G4M5
Efficiency against synthetic dust [%]91%97%
Initial-ΔP [Pa]2560
Recommended finalΔP [Pa]250400
Max. temp. [°C]70°70°


Dimensions [mm]Nominal airflow


Width Height Depth
PF28759246-E (G4/M5)287592461600
PF28759246-E (G4/M5)592592463200
Note: We can also produce non-standard filters of

150≤W≤1184,150≤H≤1184 and 10≤D≤292.

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Panel Filter


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