Project Description

Modular Clean booth is normally small-sized and customized according to customers’ requirements, also known as clean shed. There can be classified into hard wall cleanroom and soft wall cleanroom. Customers can assembled our modular cleanroom by themselves as per our manual.

Like SMIF forms, Youth’s design is convenient for disassembly and assembly, saving installation and transportation costs. Internal clean class can reach up to 100 -100,000 level. Clean booth can separate between people and equipment or products effectively, also can minimize human interference and pollution , thereby enhancing the rate of qualified products.

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Standard size & Performance Parameters

ModelOverall size  L×W×HFFU Nos Clean classAir VelocityAir flow (m³/h)
MCB-15001500×2000×25004pcsISO 5 (Class 100) Class A average 0.45m/s4000
MCB-2000 2000×3000×25006pcs5100
MCB-3000 3000×4000×250012pcs7600
MCB-5000 5000×5000×250025pcs12000

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