Project Description

FFU is the simplest purifying equipment consisting of a fan and HEPA filter, and the most basic type of air purifying equipment. Due to the one-to-one correspondence between the HEPA filter and fan, a negative pressure area is formed outside the unit case to enable negative pressure sealing function. FFU may be used separately or in combination to achieve higher cleanness easily.

FFU makes the design of the cleanroom easier and more reliable. FFU, characterized by low energy consumption, low noise, and low operating cost, is widely applied to unidirectional flow and turbulent flow clean room and working station, unidirectional flow hood, clean booth, and local purifying equipment in microelectronics, electronics, optics, bioengineering, and other industries.

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Standard size & Performance Parameters

Overall size  L×W×H
Air Volume (m³/h)/ (m/s)
Initial resistance (Pa) Noise (dB)Power (kW)
Efficiency (H14)0.3μm ≥99.995% Efficiency (U15)0.1μm ≥99.9995%
  • FFU Fan Filter Unit cleanroom supply


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