Project Description

Cardboard Filters are usually for prefiltration in ventilation and air-conditioning units, and in intake air systems and lines, so as to extend the operational lifetimes of the downstream fine filters. The entire filter element contains no metal, and it therefore non-corroding and fully incinerable.

Standard size & Performace Parameters

Class EN779G3G4
Efficiency (synthetic dust)86%91 %
Efficiency (atmospheric dust)30%40 %
Nominal airflow [m3/h*m2]95009500
Initial-ΔP [Pa]3555
Recommended  final ΔP [Pa]200250
Temp. resistance [°C]65°65°


Dimensions [mm]Nominal airflow


Width Height Depth
CF28759246-E (G3/G4)287592461700
CF59259246-E (G3/G4)592592463400
Please ask for other desired designs.
Cardboard Filter
Cardboard Filter


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