Project Description

Bag coarse filter is mainly used to filter and remove ≥5μm dust particles in the air conditioning system. The ordinary flat filter is 592*592, provided with 3-12 parallel bags, bag depth generally ranging from 250~900mm. Ultrasound welding spacers between individual bags ensure an even airflow throughout the filter, which allows dust loading and even distribution. This results in long service life of the filter and reduces energy costs. The bag can be provided with a separation fence inside to effectively increase the filtration area.

Standard size & Performance Parameters

Class EN779G3G4M5M6
Arrestance EN779 [%]>86%>91%>96%>98%
Efficiency EN779 [%]>25%>35%>55%>65%
Initial-ΔP [Pa] at nominal airflow30354550


Dimensions [mm]Nominal airflow [m³/h]Pockets quantity
WidthHeightDepth 200 [mm]Depth 360 [mm]Depth 500 [mm]
BF592592D-E (G3/G4)5925921900340047006
BF287592D-E (G3/G4)4905921600280040005
BF287287D-E (G3/G4)287592900170023003
BF592592D-E (M5/M6)28728750095013003
BF287592D-E (M5/M6)5928922700490060006
BF287287D-E (M5/M6)2878921400240030003
Please ask for other desired designs. Bag quantity is available from 1-12
Bag coarse filter



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