Project Description

HPL door cleanroom supply (2)

High-end aluminum alloy door employ the high-quality aluminum profiles, high-standard manual door panels, and tempered glass hollow windows are processed, with high precision, beautiful appearance, and heat insulation. It is a special door for manual board wall engineering. Class doors are mainly used in high-end projects.


1. Door panel: The frame of the door panel is made of high-end door material of electric sand white, plastic-sprayed, and frosted aluminum alloy. The steel plate of the door panel is made of high-precision manual door panels. The conventional colors are sky blue, bean green, and white gray. Core materials include paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, polyurethane, rock wool, etc.
2. Door frame: It is made of high-end aluminum alloy door frame material made of electric sand white, plastic sprayed, and frosted. The aluminum alloy frame lock hole is accurately positioned, and the lock body is connected without gaps.
3. Others: This product is equipped with double-layer windows and lifting sweeping strips with a brand locker.
4. Specifications: The standard sizes are: 800X2100, 900X2100, 1500X2100, 1800X2100, and can also be made according to customer requirements.

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