As we know, the cleanroom system is widely used in many industries, and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. Cleanrooms play an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. Today, we will share with you some basic knowledge of pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

Importance of cleanroom in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry has high cleanliness requirements for production plants, especially in producing biological products, such as live bacteria and live vaccines, which are easily polluted to varying degrees. These products are related to people’s lives and health. Therefore, a pharmaceutical cleanroom is indispensable in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical manufacturers must pay attention to the establishment of clean workshops and quality control methods and standards. You can check this post:

Purpose of pharmaceutical cleanroom

A cleanroom refers to a place where the air cleanliness meets the requirements of the specified level for human work, and its function is to control the pollution of particles. Generally, there are two purposes of the clean workshop: 

  1. Industrial clean room, which uses inanimate particles as the control object; 
  2. Biological clean room, which mainly controls the pollution of work objects by microorganisms. 

In the biopharmaceutical industry, the purpose of cleanrooms is to control microbial contamination.

The function of pharmaceutical cleanroom

  1. Control the pressure difference

According to the requirements of the process, it is necessary to control the space pressure difference between the indoor and outdoor to a certain range and control the airflow or the movement of pollutants in adjacent spaces through the pressure difference.

  1. Control cleanliness

Provide sufficient clean air in the dust-free workshop to dilute and eliminate the polluted air generated during the production process of the replacement workshop so that the dust and bacteria concentration of the workshop can reach the required level.

  1. Control temperature and humidity

Must set up necessary collection and separation devices, which can recover the usable dust brought out by the exhaust air and prevent certain harmful substances discharged from the workshop from polluting the atmosphere.

  1. Control the air quality

Only when the air in the workshop meets the requirement can a workshop meet the standards.

  1. Control the concentration of harmful substances

Provide enough clean air in the workshop to ensure that the concentration of toxic substances in the air in the workshop is lower than some standard lines.

  1. Control the diffusion of pollutants

Adopt the process of isolation and ventilation to prevent the dust generated by the work and a large amount of residual heat and humidity from spreading in the workshop.

  1. Separation and recovery

Take away the waste heat and humidity of the workshop, or supply the heat and humidity required by the workshop to maintain the design temperature and humidity of the workshop.

In addition, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning engineering technical requirements of a pharmaceutical cleanroom are relatively strict, which requires the support of a professional technical team.

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