With the development of new technologies and higher requirements for cleanroom workshops(such as the pharmaceutical cleanroom), the transformation of cleanroom construction from traditional engineering construction to modularization will become particularly important. These are the modular cleanroom systems advantages.  Existing cleanrooms adapt traditional technology and construction mode, and there are some shortages:

Materials cannot be mass-produced in factories.
The construction period is long.
Construction safety is poor.
Material repetition rate is low.

Under this situation, more and more industries have adopted prefabricated modular cleanrooms. Compared with traditional cleanrooms, modular cleanroom systems has the same advantages. It is quick to install, cost-saving, and easy to reconfigure to meet the facility’s changing needs.

What are modular cleanroom systems?

Modular cleanrooms rely on prefabricated components to provide an environment that can meet the strictest cleanroom classification requirements. Modular cleanrooms have the same advantages as traditional cleanrooms but are faster to install, more affordable, and easy to reconfigure or expand to meet the changing needs of your facility.

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Why choose a modular cleanroom?

When cleanliness becomes the most important, the modular cleanroom system is your best choice. This high-quality manufacturing method ensures a tight, sealed structure and assembly, thereby ensuring that your cleanroom maintains optimal performance and meets annual certification standards.

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 The modular cleanrooms are custom-designed and manufactured according to your specific specifications. It responds to the requirements of resource-saving and recycling. Modular design and technological innovation ensure stable performance, improve cleaning decoration materials, equipment, and accessories, and effectively reduce production and actual energy consumption.

The application of new process machinery and equipment in modular production will promote the extension of the industrial chain of the clean industry and the clustering of the modular accessories industry. The application of modular cleanroom materials in engineering will shorten the construction period of sanitary engineering by 20%, greatly improve the quality of construction, and further promote changes in the industry’s profit model, and promote the upgrading and development of related industries.

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It has the function of promoting enterprise technology leadership and upgrading. Modular cleanroom systems are a promising development trend. It is mainly used in projects with fast updates and short cycles, such as electronic industries, etc., and has achieved rapid development in Sweden and the United States internationally.

Modular cleanroom cost controllable.

The modular layout of the cleanroom provides enough space for the expansion of the system without the need to disassemble the structure, and its design depends on specific situations, so the cost is controllable. Youthtech is a professional cleanroom manufacturer in China since 2005, at the same time, our products include cleanroom air filterspurification equipment,  cleanroom furniture, cleanroom panels., etc.


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