Laboratory furniture is an important part of the cleanroom because the operators will finish most lab furniture. The laboratory furniture includes the gowning laboratory cabinet, stool bench, working table, workbench, skin cabinet, etc. Our company is a qualified laboratory furniture manufacturers, we will share the knowledge you should know about lab furniture.

Laboratory Design Key Points

The laboratory design or the layout will not stay the same for years. Usually, they will change as per the needs. That means the laboratory design needs to change, and there should be some extra space. Except for the extra space, the laboratory furniture is also a key point that needs consideration.

It’s best to apply modular laboratory furniture if there is a redesign plan in the future. So once the design changed, there’s no need to buy new furniture.

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Another key point for the laboratory design is the environmental factors and who will use the laboratory. Take the school laboratory as an example, and it should design according to how many students will be there. And what test they will perform in this laboratory. All these details are confirmed, then you can contact laboratory furniture suppliers to order.

What will be the laboratory furniture material?

Usually, the laboratory furniture materials are stone and wood or complete stainless steel. That will depend on what experiments there will be in the laboratory. If the experiments are explosive, then the lab furniture material is usually stone or stainless steel. And if the laboratory is mainly for chemical experiments, it’s best to apply stainless steel.

Laboratory Furniture material

How long to change the laboratory furniture?

Usually, the laboratory furniture will change for new after about ten years. But that depends on the specific tasks. The table may need change to some chemical laboratory after five years because of the chemical corrosion.

Placement of the laboratory furniture

The placement of the laboratory furniture should comply with the design layout because the laboratory design will usually set the fire exit in case of an emergency. The lab furniture shouldn’t be on the way to the fire exit to ensure the staff’s safety, t

What is the difference between the school laboratory furniture and others?

Well, the school laboratory usually has a bigger space to hold the students. Usually, there will be a single workbench for the teacher to show the process of the experiments. And the laboratory design is typically a group form so that students can do the teamwork.

school laboratory

What about your lab furniture price lists and catalogs?

Our company Youthtech is professional cleanroom furniture in China. If you want to start the laboratory projects, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will come up with a solution with you.

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