Everyone knows the purification workshop, also called clean room, clean workshop, and dust-free workshop. Through a series of measures such as structure and air treatment system to make the air index in the space meet the relevant cleanliness class. They provide a controlled environment that meets the needs of production and directly affects the quality of products. The cleanroom grades are 300,000, 100,000, 10,000, 1,000, and 100.

Why the cosmetics industry needs a clean workshop

As we know, cleanrooms are inseparable from electronics, pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, medical and health, food, cosmetics, and military industries. They provide a controlled environment that meets the needs of production and directly affects the quality of products. Therefore, there are certain requirements for producing products, such as non-toxic and sterile, etc.

So why does the cosmetics industry need a clean workshop?

  1.  In the non-constant temperature state, the raw materials and ingredients used in the cosmetics production process are easy to deteriorate, resulting in unqualified products. Using a cleaning workshop can effectively avoid this situation.
  2. In the production process of cosmetics, the requirement of cleanliness production equipment is strict. Otherwise, it is easy to cause cross-contamination.
  3. There are pollutants such as particulates, harmful air, bacteria, etc. in the air, which can easily cause secondary pollution to products during the manufacturing, sanding, filling, and packaging of cosmetics.
  4. To ensure the quality of cosmetics, they should have safety, stability, usability, and usefulness. Therefore, it is necessary to produce and manufacture in a good environmental space, a cleaning workshop of cosmetics.
  5. The semi-finished cosmetics storage room, filling room, clean container storage room, dressing room, and buffer zone must have air purification or air disinfection facilities. The cosmetics cleaning workshop can provide such a clean environment.
  6.  Make-up products that generate dust or use harmful, flammable, or explosive materials during the production process must use a cleaning workshop. Otherwise, safety accidents are prone to occur.

Why the cosmetics industry needs a clean workshop 3

The design content of the cleanroom for cosmetics involves the following

  1. Reasonably arrange the technological process and building plan.
  2. The design of a clean cosmetics workshop should be based on the local energy supply background and select reliable and economical cold and heat sources.
  3. Divide and arrange air conditioning purification and exhaust systems.
  4.  Choose reasonable air purification and ventilation equipment.

Cosmetics Clean workshop

Therefore, whether it is in the cosmetics industry or other manufacturing industries, it is necessary to install a clean workshop. Youthtech is a professional cleanroom supply manufacturer in China since 2005.

We have a high level of cleanroom cleaning techniques, and our products include clean workshop air filters, purification equipment, cleanroom furniture, clean room panels.

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