We are currently expanding our distributor network and is currently recruiting distributors to join our global network.

Should you be interested in the distribution of our products, please contact us at, thank you!


The contents of this website are exclusively intended to the purpose of attracting potential business partners in order to initiate discussions toward a formal distribution/agency agreement and/or another form of engagement the parties might mutually agree upon proper discussions.
Good products also require good service, and the best service is face-to-face service. The distributors will provide the first line of contact in introducing the advantages of YOUTH cleanroom supply products to our end users, that’s why here we recruit the distributor who has a great sales experience and interests in marketing the cleanroom products at your sales area.
We spare no effort in support of our distributors. Our guiding principle is to work hard in providing all the necessary backing so that our distributors may concentrate their effort on serving their market.

cleanroom supplies manufacturer
cleanroom supplies manufacturer

Surveillance Procedure (Examination period: Approx. 2-3 months)

  • Documentary examination (Please refer to the below)
  • Visit interview
  • Credit inquiry
  • Negotiation on terms and conditions
  • Contract