The cleanroom should maintain clean all the time. The cleanliness of the cleanroom can ensure the safety and performance of the products, which as medical devices, semiconductors, aerospace parts, pharmaceuticals, and more. If particles contaminate the products and cause them to malfunction or fail, the results can be fatal. So the cleanroom training is necessary for us which is not completed all at once.

Continuous cleanroom training is essential for factories. Learning and complying with cleanroom requirements is the best way to ensure that cleanrooms are clean and comply with ISO and cleanroom classifications and corporate or industry standards.

cleanroom certification training

What is the cleanroom training?

With the requirements for high-quality products, users have also put forward more requirements for cleanroom operation and management and management personnel. The cleanroom training courses are designed for people who work in cleanroom, laboratory, manufacturing facilities, and controlled or sterile environments.

The forms of cleanroom training

There are various ways of the training, including training online, playing video, and making the training PPT or other forms. Through the training, you can make them familiar with the basic knowledge of the cleanroom, understand the regulations of the cleanroom, and be proficient in the operation of various equipment in the cleanroom.

cleanroom training courses

The content of the cleanroom training

There are basic knowledge courses and advanced knowledge courses:

Basic courses include cleanroom terminology, how cleanrooms operate, recommended materials and equipment for cleanrooms, cleanroom gowning and gloving, cleaning a cleanroom, and ISO class requirements.

The advanced courses include:

  • Types of cleanrooms (modular cleanrooms, soft wall cleanrooms, hard wall cleanrooms, portable cleanrooms).
  • Design and pre-construction of a cleanroom.
  • ISO cleanliness classifications.
  • Cleanroom design course.
  • Cleanroom project drawings.
  •  Cleanroom certification training.
  • Utilities required for cleanroom and construction project management.

In addition to the above content, there will be different training content depending on the purpose of the cleanroom. For example, the cleanroom of a food workshop needs to master the relationship between dust sources, dust particles or fungi, and product quality; knowledge of dust particles or fungi control, etc.

How to organize cleanroom training?

It will be simple if you look for cleanroom products, such as cleanroom air filters, purification equipment, cleanroom furniture, cleanroom panels, etc. Would you please not worry about the training? Your supplier will provide you with free and continuous training usually.

cleanroom certification training

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