As we know, any industry in which small particles interfere production process needs cleanroom panels since the panels can control the pollution, temperature, humidity, and pressure in every manufacturing factory. Most cleanrooms are different in size and complexity in the application, such as the pharmaceutical industry with stricter environmental requirements than others. Many factors can interfere the production, include staff, equipment, and even the manufacturing processes. This post discussed the importance of cleanroom panels.

cleanroom panel system

Reliability of the cleanroom panels

Cleanrooms should create an environment with a direct impact on manufacturing processes and the production of quality products. In other words, without a suitable cleanroom, the production can’t deliver to your customers if you have an order. If you don’t get the max reliability, please increase the stability of your cleanroom with a cleanroom panel that standards comply with the health and safety requirements necessary.

Cost reduction

The equipment in the cleanroom costs a lot. If the environment around these equipment and manufacturing processes becomes contaminated, it will become more expensive. The cleanroom wall panels can keep equipment from wearing out, breaking down, or contaminating products during the production processes. Therefore reducing repairs, wastage, and quality interferences, thus resulting in cost reductions.

The flexibility of cleanroom panels

Unlike traditional structures, cleanroom panels provide a more sanitary system. The cleanroom panel has a reinforced interconnection with the aluminum profile for reinforcement and uniform joints. It allows easy assembly, reconfiguration, installation, upgrade, and expansion with less disruption or downtime. The cleanroom panel ensures correct maintenance without affecting the entire system, so it is flexible. Modular cleanrooms have unlimited flexibility, not only to transform existing spaces but also to deploy new facilities.

Paper honeycomb panel (1)

Simplify cleaning

If you know something about traditional cleanroom structures, you will understand that they produce many pollutants and particles. The cleanroom panel is opposite to various cleanroom systems. They will not shed unwanted materials to the surface, so the air pollution capacity is small. The maintenance and cleaning process of these panels is simple and time-saving.

In summary, a cleanroom is a protector against air and pollutants, so people should have a reasonable idea of why a cleanroom is needed. GMP standards are also necessary, but the most important factor is modularity, so cleanroom panels are required.

The modular layout of the cleanroom provides enough space for the expansion of the system without the need to disassemble the structure. In addition, when creating a clean room, please consider all outlets, processes, inlets, and other factors that may cause contamination. Most importantly, cleanroom panels reflect their importance through ideal investment, reliability, waste reduction, cost savings, flexibility, ease of cleaning, and consistent quality.

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