The history of clean technology is not very long, and it is less than 60 years. However, with the rapid development of industries like electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical and health, and biological engineering, China’s cleanroom technology grew very fast. Many of the clean room supplies manufacturers are very professional in supplying the clean room equipment or clean room furniture. In this post, we will share with you three tips about the clean room furniture. 

First, let’s check what the cleanroom furniture in the cleanroom equipment list is. Our company Youth is a professional clean room supply manufacturer in China since the 2005 year. And now, our products include:

Below images is our main clean room furniture:


cleanroom furniture


Cleanroom Furniturer

What are the cleanroom furniture systems?

The common furniture is fume hoods, ultra-clean benches, clean benches, cabinets, countertops, and other accessories. Although the clean room furniture, 

Although the clean room furniture systems of different levels in different industries will differ, the basic differences are not very significant. 

What are the automatic control systems of the clean room?

The automatic control systems are very important to the cleanliness of the clean rooms. Because the system can make sure all the other parts of the system are working correctly. The systems are greenhouse control systems, pressure difference control systems, air supply, exhaust clean linkage systems, disinfection control systems, lighting control, and sound alarm systems. Since the cleanroom should ensure effective sterilization, it is necessary to adopt a complete set of clean technology to create and maintain the required cleanliness in a certain space. 

How to equip these systems, and how much does your furniture cost?

We will match the clean room supply as per the customer’s actual demands. Also, we provide customizations as per the requirements. About the costs, our company has more advantages. Because we have our own supply chain advantages. We have our sheet furniture production base in Jiangsu and continuously builds various supporting furniture and materials for clean rooms, laboratories, and multiple projects. 

What is the cleanroom furniture layout?

To improve the production efficiency, the clean room has good planning. There are several rules to follow as below:

  1. All the clean furniture should leave the exit unobstructed in case of an emergency. And this is also for the consideration of the clean room operators inside. 
  2. The work bench or other furniture should have a suitable height to the ground. It is important because it can ensure the convenience of the operator.
  3. Some of the dangerous furniture and related equipment should stay away from the main entrance. And the furniture for the low damaging furniture can keep close to the main entrance. 

clean room furniture layout

Of course, there are many requirements to follow during the clean room layout, and we can introduce more details in other posts. 

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