The dust-free and sterile environment of the cleanrooms is indispensable to various manufacturing industries. Without a clean production environment, the particle may contaminate the product. The purpose of cleaning the cleanroom is to collect and remove all the undesirable pollutants in the cleanroom. To ensure the cleanroom’s cleanliness, we should clean the cleanroom absolutely, and how much do you know about the cleanroom cleaning?

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Special tools for cleanroom cleaning

The cleanrooms need a vacuum cleaner with a high-efficiency filter, a dust-free mop, a dust-free cloth, a special dust-free tool, and a special cleaning fluid for the cleanroom.

Cleanroom cleaning procedure and requirements :

  1. A dust-free cloth is required when cleaning the clean interior wall;
  2. Prepare cleaning agent with 90% deionized water and 10% isopropanol;
  3. Use approved special cleanroom detergent;
  4. Check the trash bin every day and clean it in time;
  5. The cleaning staff should vacuum every floor with a high-efficiency filter;
  6. Use a permitted mop when cleaning the floor;
  7. All doors need to be inspected and cleaned;
  8. After washing the floor, wipe the floor and wipe the wall once a week;
  9. When cleaning, wipe from top to bottom, from the farthest place to the door.

cleanroom cleaning

Cleanroom cleaning stipulates a series of cleaning procedures for the cleaning of each part. The staff must be professional before they can work. Generally, cleaning should start from areas with strict cleanliness control and gradually transition to regions where cleanliness is not high.

How To Clean Stainless Steel In Cleanrooms?

Stainless steel is the best material in cleanrooms. The reason is it resists corrosion and is easy to clean. It can help prevent product contamination. You can clean the stainless steel equipment and furniture with water or the solvents. If the stainless steel rusts, chlorine solutions can remove the protective chromium oxide layers from stainless steel surfaces. Passivation is a great step you can take as a preventive measure to avoid rust.


Cleanroom cleaning services

Now some companies specialize in providing cleanroom services, and cleanroom Services cover the needs of new and existing cleanrooms. Whether you need a post-construction cleaning for a newly constructed cleanroom or technical cleaning to the one you are already running. Cleanroom Cleaning Services help improved product quality and yields related to a contaminated environment. Usually, the specialists of cleaning service are all specifically trained.

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