Do you know why some industry has strict requirement about the environment.? Especially the pharmaceutical and precision machining industry, etc. And their workshops are usually dustless. That’s because the clean room system is filtering the dust.

With the economic development, many of the high tech industry has a more strict requirement to the production process. And a dustless production environment can significantly improve the product precision, high purity, and high quality. In this post, we will share four reasons why the clean room is essential to some industries.

A clean room can reduce the defects in the production process.

The indoor environment is one of the key factors to industrial production, especially for some high-tech industries.
For example, the control of the particles must reach the molecular level during the microelectronics production, or else the production will not proceed. Or there will be defects. And also, the production of antibiotics will stop because of some microorganisms.
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A clean room can improve production efficiency.

A good production environment can protect the worker’s health and improve their mood and motivation. On the other hand, nobody likes to work in an environment full of dust and harms their health.

On the other hand, a great production environment can reduce the breakdowns. And the smooth production usually saves a lot of time and cost.

Ensure the product quality

As you know, the indoor room production environment has a great effect on product quality. And let’s take some product samples, such as sensitive films, integrated circuits, chemical reagents, precision instruments, and micromotors. Once those products get dust pollution during the production process, the quality will decline. Or even to be defectives.
What’s more, the microorganisms will short the shelf life and decline the quality if they exist in the production process.

Reduce the environmental pollutions

Many of the industrial production will produce pollutions in the air or the water. Therefore, all the exhaust gas or water pollutions must pass the special handling procedures before the emission. The clean room supply can reduce the dust or the macrobiotic entrance during production. As a result, the exhaust pollutions to the environment will become less.

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