To ensure product quality, many production workshops must be clean and dust-free. We called it a clean room. The clean room is mainly to control pollution and ensure the quality of products. Since the high standard for cleanliness, clean room management is necessary and important for a manufacturer. Here we will share with you some clean room management rules you must follow:

What is the cleanroom management destination?

In the product’s production process, there are clear requirements for the cleanliness of the workshop, and the clean room design should meet the requirement. To make the production process go well and ensure product quality, we should be strictly managing the environment, personnel, and production process of the clean room.

cleanroom classification

What are the rules of clean room management?

Personnel access management

The clean room gowning requirements and clean room entry procedures: wear clean clothes to enter the air shower:

Tie your hair and put on the headgear to avoid exposed hair. Put on a mask. Wear clean clothes and clean shoes in a standing position and avoid contact with the dusty floor. Wear gloves. The cuffs of the clothes should cover the mouth of the gloves. 

Then you can enter the air shower after you finished dressing. 

Material access management.

All materials, tools, etc., sent to the cleaning operation area must be cleaned in the outer packaging as required. The outer packaging shall be removed and then enter the cleaning operation area after sterilization and disinfection through the ultraviolet channel. 

Tools and equipment in the clean room, such as tables and chairs, carts, vacuum cleaners, etc., must comply with dust-free regulations.

Equipment management

A dedicated person should manage all equipment. All equipment has a special operation record book, appointment registration book, etc., which the equipment manager keeps. The equipment manager is responsible for the effective management of the equipment use records, maintenance records, and the registration and maintenance of the operators, and establishes paper and electronic files for the relevant information of the equipment. The equipment administrator is responsible for properly managing the storage and purchasing of the equipment’s accessories and consumables under their jurisdiction.

Sanitation management

Maintain personal hygiene and reduce artificial pollution in the clean room. Therefore personnel entering the clean room should avoid using cosmetics. Staff shouldn’t bring food, beverages, water, etc., into the clean room for consumption. The movement should be light and slow when walking not to produce a lot of dust. The staff cannot talk or spit on the direction of the product.

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