Do you know how many grades of the clean room laboratory? Well, there will be different cleanliness standards. Below is the cleanliness of the cleanroom classification chart. They are US FED Cleanroom Standards and ISO Cleanroom Classification Standards.

Different standards of the clean room laboratory

cleanroom cleanliness iso standards

cleanroom cleanliness iso standards

As you can see from the above standards, class 1 from the US FED STD is equal to class 3 from the ISO chart.

Cleanroom laboratory is a very important work of the cleanroom system applications. Besides the cleanroom laboratory, there is also a pharmaceutical clean room. Below is the pharmaceutical clean room classification chart.
pharmaceutical clean room classification

What has relations with the Cleanroom Laboratory?

We know that the cleanliness of the clean room laboratory has great relations with the cleanroom laboratory equipment and the laboratory clean room design. That is because if a clean room laboratory doesn’t have a not proper technique, the cleanliness will not reach the standards.

The clean room laboratory mainly applies clean technology to achieve the control of indoor air dust, bacteria concentration, temperature, humidity, and pressure to achieve the required environmental parameters such as cleanliness, temperature, humidity, and air velocity.

Air cleanliness refers to the degree of dust content in the air in a clean air environment. And the level of air cleanliness is according to the concentration of dust. Cleanliness refers to the total particles of dust particles with a particle size ≥ of 0.5um in each liter of air.

What requirements to the staff?

Staff enters each area must strictly follow a single direction, and different work areas should wear extra work clothes (for example, different colors). When the staff leaves, they shouldn’t take out their work clothes.

Reagent storage and preparation room (specimen preparation area), the main equipment mainly include refrigerated centrifuge, biological safety cabinet, refrigerator, portable ultraviolet lamp, automatic nucleic acid protein purification instrument, special work clothes, and work shoes, etc.

The preparation of the amplification reaction mixture and the amplification equipment list are refrigerator, high-speed centrifuge, ultra-clean workbench, PCR machine (negative pressure required), portable UV lamp, micro-sampler, nucleic acid amplifier, etc.

The amplification product analysis area has the types of equipment of pipettes, oscillators, ultra-clean workbenches, capillary electrophoresis, refrigerators, centrifuges, micropipettes, portable UV lamps, etc.

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