As we know, the clean room is the special aseptic production space. It has strict temperature and humidity requirements for the environment. At the same time, the clean room design is also the higher requirement for the cleanliness of the air.

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But “how to maintain a clean room environment” is an important question to maintain the temperature, humidity, and cleanliness of the clean room. Youthtech is a professional clean room supply manufacturer in China since 2005. Our products include cleanroom air filters, purification equipment, cleanroom furniture, clean room panels.

In This post, we will share with you something about clean room environment control.

Obviously, in the environmental control of a clean room, particles and microorganisms are the main control objects. How to make them meet the clean room environmental standards? There are a few key points as following about clean room environment control:

The air purification system of the clean room plays a key role in controlling cleanliness

When the air cleanliness requirement for injection production is class 100, vertical and horizontal unidirectional flow patterns are used, and the airflow speed is greater than 0.25 m/s and 0.35 m/s respectively when the air cleanliness requirement is 10,000 and 10,000 0.

It adopts non-unidirectional flow, and the air exchange frequency is greater than 25 times/hour and 15 times/hour respectively, to take away the dust and dust generated in the production process in time and maintain the cleanliness of the clean room environment.

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Pressure Difference Controlling 

Strictly controlling the pressure difference between the clean room and the adjacent room is also an important part of ensuring the cleanliness of the air in the production room. The pressure difference between the clean room and the clean area and the non-clean area of different cleanliness should be greater than 5 Pascals.

The pressure difference between the clean area and the outdoor should be greater than 10 Pascals, and the opening and closing of the supply air, return air and exhaust airflow should be connected Lock and operate in sequence, which can avoid air backflow and reduce the pollution of clean room environment by low-level dust.

Before each production and after a certain production cycle, the number of dust particles in the clean room after cleaning must be tested under static conditions to evaluate and grasp the content of dust particles in the clean room.

Biological clean rooms vs non-biological clean rooms 

There are biological clean rooms and non-biological clean rooms in the cleanroom classification. In the biological clean room, the air purification system must work continuously. In the non-biological clean room, the air purification system should be turned on 4 hours in advance before using it.

Reduce the impact of operators on the aseptic environment

People are the biggest source of pollution in a sterile environment. Therefore, there are many factors that have an impact on the content of particles and bacteria: the quantity of staff in the clean room, the range of operations, and the style, texture, and wear of clean clothes.

Maintaining a good aseptic environment requires the following two aspects: strictly control the style, texture, wear, cleaning, and sterilization cycle of clean work clothes, strictly control the number of operators and restrain the behavior of personnel to ensure the purification level of the clean area.

Meanwhile, we think clean room environmental monitoring is important also. Today’s sharing of clean room environment control is over.

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