The core part of the clean room plant is the clean room because the clean room can protect the production process from dust or particles. And the cleanliness of the clean room has great relationships with the clean room design and the clean room construction. But do you know what the key points you should follow in the clean room construction are?

Youthtech is a professional clean room supply manufacturer in China. Our company mainly produce the air filters, clean room furniture, and purification equipment. In this post, we will share the key points you must follow in the construction process.

First, we should know about the clean room classification.

There are two different classification standards: US FED STD clean room classification and the ISO clean room classification. You can check the details in the below chart.

cleanroom cleanliness iso standards

Different industries will require additional clean room cleanliness requirements. FDA clean room requirements are very strict to the pharmacy manufacturer. The biopharmaceutical clean room classification will take the ISO 14644 Standard 209E Classes as the standards.

ISO 14644 Standard 209E Classes

Key Point 1: Enclosure structure in the clean room design and construction

The building enclosure’s material must have good airtightness. And its deformation will be the smallest when the temperature and humidity change. When the structure is in decoration, the board should be flat, smooth, dust-free, easy to clean, water-resistant, waterproof, and easy to maintain. And when the air flows or rubs, there are no particles that fall off.

The connecting parts of the wall and the ceiling or the ground’s corners shape are best to be around and have reliable sealing. The clean room floor should have integrations, flat, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, not easy to accumulate static electricity, and easy to dust and clean.

All the connecting parts of the color plates in the clean room should use high-quality neutral silica gel, and the smear is dense, uniform, continuous, and free of tumors.

cleanroom supplier

Key Point 2: Power distribution system

The power distribution system mainly includes lighting, electricity, communication, and fire fighting. Therefore, the production area should have appropriate lighting. And the lighting in the visual operation area should meet the operating requirements. The materials are such as lamps, switches, and sockets should meet the needs of a clean room. In addition to meeting cleanliness, you should also consider energy conservation.


Key Point 3: Air purification

There are five kinds of air filters, and the particles sizes they can filter are≥five μm、>one μm、<one μm、≥0.5 μm、≥0.1 μm.
The air filter settings: the coarse efficiency filtration in the pretreatment of fresh air blowers. Medium-efficiency filtration is for pre-filtration before the high-efficiency to extend the life of high-efficiency filters.
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