As we know, the clean room is mainly to control pollution and ensure the quality of products. Since the high standard for cleanliness, the clean room clothing requirements are very necessary and important for the cleanroom. Here we will share with you some rules of clean room gowning you must follow.


The clean room clothing requirements are very strict.

  • The upper body and lower body of the clean clothes for purification engineering should be separated. When wearing, the upper body must be placed in the lower body.
  • The cloth you are wearing requires anti-static, and the relative humidity in the clean room is low. Anti-static clothing can reduce the adhesion rate of particles to 90%.
  • According to the company’s requirements, a shawl that is used in a clean room with a high level of cleanliness and its hem should be placed inside the jacket.
  • Some gloves will contain talcum powder; remove it before entering the clean room.
  • Newly bought clean clothes must be washed before wearing. If possible, it is best to wash with dust-free water.
  •  In order to ensure the purification effect of the purification project, clean clothes must be cleaned once every 1-2 weeks, and the whole process must be carried out in a clean area to avoid attaching to particles.

clean room clothing requirements


Cleanroom gowning procedures step by step

  • Before entering the clean room, you must take off your shoes and enter the preparation room, put your shoes in the shoe cabinet, and put other items in the closet of the preparation room.
  • When wearing a mask, the mask should be worn on the nose, and the nose and mouth should be covered as a principle to avoid pollution during breathing.
  • Before wearing dust-free clothes and hats, you should tidy up your clothes and hair to avoid discomfort wearing dust-free clothes. When wearing a dust-free cap, the hair must be completely covered in the cap and must not be exposed.
  • Wear the shoe cover after wearing dust-free clothing. Pull up the shoe cover and level the shoe cover to cover the trouser tube.
  • After putting on the gloves, place the wrist of the glove in the sleeve to isolate the source of pollution.
  • After wearing dust-free clothes, wash the dust in the air shower before entering the clean room.
  • When taking off the dust-free clothing, the order is reversed to that of wearing. The clean clothes should be hung up and placed on the gowning shelf; the shoe covers should be placed in the shoe cabinet.

cleanroom gowning procedure


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