As we all know, the clean room has strict requirements for the air. But do you know about the specific data? Youth is a professional clean room supplies manufacturer in China since 2005. With about 16 years of experience in this industry, we can provide a one-stop solution for clean room projects. 

We will share the clean room air cleanliness. Welcome to contact us for your project consultation. 

What is the clean room air cleanliness?

Air cleanliness is a classification standard of the particle unit volume in a clean space. And the particles are usually equal to or bigger than the reference particle.

To understand the definition, first, you need to pay attention to the reference particles. The size is usually 0.5μm. What is the cleanliness if the particles are bigger than 0.5μm? Let’s continue its next paragraph.

How to test the clean room air cleanliness?

First of all, to make sure the test result is accurate, the test must follow the below testing ways:

Carry out the testing when empty and working

Empty situation test: when the clean room is ready to use, the purified air condition system is normal. The empty state test can make sure the clean room airtightness is very good. 

And the working condition test can check all the machines on the clean room equipment list are working perfectly.

The static test will carry out air volume, wind speed, positive pressure, temperature, humidity, and noise. And can make check the relevant regulations of general use and air conditioning.

What is the clean room classification?

Do you know how many classifications of the clean room? There are three main classifications as below:

Turbulent flow clean room:

The air enters the clean room from the air-conditioning box and the HEPA air filter, then the partition wall panels on both sides will return the air into clean room. The airflow moves non-linearly and presents an irregular turbulence or vortex state. This type is suitable for clean room grade 1000-100000.

V bank hepa line

Laminar clean room:

The laminar airflow moves into a uniform linear shape. And air enters the room through a filter with a coverage rate of 100%, and it returns to the air from the floor.

This type is suitable for use in environments with high clean room level requirements. Generally, the clean room level is 1-100. There are two types: horizontal Laminar c and vertical Laminar. 

What is the standard of the cleanroom air cleanliness?

Since different industries have different air cleanliness requirements, we can still make the standard per additional production process requirements.

Usually, many clean room manufacturers will take the American standards as the reference, and please check the below image.

Cleanroom Classifications

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