In an operating room, multi-functional air-cleaning measures can filter dust particles in the air so that bacteria have no carriers to spread to prevent and control the occurrence of infections. At the same time, The clean operating environment can keep in a stable state, such as the temperature and humidity adjustment and new air adjustment. In a clean, suitable temperature and humidity state, try to avoid damage to the patient’s body. At present, cleanrooms are popular in hospitals. Youthtech has been a professional cleanroom supply manufacturer in China since 2005,

clean operating room

Today, we will share with you how to manage and maintain a clean operating room.

The importance of clean technology in the operating room

  1. Requirements for medical development;
  2. Reduce surgical infection rate;
  3. Improve the hospital’s medical quality and service level;
  4. Increase economic and social benefits;
  5. It is an important symbol of a modern hospital.

clean operating rooms

Partition of a clean operating room

There are three areas and four channels in the clean operating theater. Three areas: clean area (restricted area), quasi-clean area (semi-restricted area), and non-clean area (non-restricted area); Four channels: medical staff channel, surgical patient channel, sterile material channel, and contaminated material aisle.

How to manage the clean operating room effectively? 

  1. Routine monitoring is essential

The operating theater should be quiet, clean, and maintain a suitable temperature and humidity. It requires regular air monitoring, physical surface monitoring, etc., to ensure that the room is kept clean.

  1. Operating specifications

The nurse should open and observe the laminar flow hood before the operation and resolve the problem in time if it occurs. It is forbidden to open the operating room door frequently during the operation and minimize the movement of personnel.

  1. Personnel management

Strictly control the entry and exit of all types of personnel and strictly dress requirements. Set up full-time staff to manage the entry and exit of the operating room. When you must go out, you should change your clothes and shoes. Personnel entering the clean area must dress properly and wear masks. After the operation, medical staff needs to change their clothes and shoes before leaving the operating room.

  1. Item management

The item management of the operating room mainly refers to the storage requirements and use procedures of sterile items, exclusive passages, special personnel management, and strict access.

The above is operating room rules and regulations. A clean operating room will be more dangerous than the general operating room without scientific management and maintenance. Therefore, proper maintenance and management is the key to ensuring the cleanliness of the operating room.

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