Youthtech is a professional clean room supply manufacturer in China since 2005. In this post, we will introduce something about the clean bench to you.

What is the clean bench?

The bench is a requirement to meet the cleanliness of the partial work area in the modern industry, photoelectric industry, biopharmaceuticals, and scientific research. It sucks air into the pre-filter through the fan and enters the high-efficiency filter through the static pressure box. The filtered air is sent out in vertical or horizontal airflow so that the operation area can reach Class 100 cleanliness and ensure that the production environment is clean.

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Clean bench VS Biosafety cabinet

It is different from the Biosafety Cabinet. The clean bench can only protect the reagents operating in the workbench from contamination but does not protect the staff. The biological safety cabinet is a negative pressure system, which can effectively protect the operator.

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Working principle of the clean bench

The principle of a clean bench is that in a specific space, the indoor air filters, pressed into the static pressure box by a small centrifugal fan and then filtered through a secondary air filter from the air outlet surface of the air filter. The blown clean airflow has a certain and uniform cross-sectional wind speed, removing the original air in the working area and taking away dust particles and biological particles to form a sterile and high-cleanness working environment.

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Classification of clean benches

  1. According to the number of operators, there are single workbench and double workbench.
  2. According to the structure of the clean bench, there are conventional type, new push-pull type, and self-circulation type (vertical flow).
  3. According to airflow direction, vertical laminar flow benches, and horizontal laminar flow benches. The vertical flow bench is noisy because the fan is on the top, but the wind blows vertically. It is mostly used in medical engineering to ensure staff’s health; the horizontal flow  bench has lower noise. The wind is blowing outward, so it is popular in the electronics industry.
  4. According to the operating structure, there are unilateral operations and bilateral operations.
  5. According to its purpose, there are ordinary clean benches and biological (medical) clean benches.

Applications of the clean bench

The clean bench is air purification equipment that provides a partially dust-free and sterile working environment. It can also connect to an assembly line with features such as low noise and mobility. It has good effects on improving process conditions, improving product quality.


The service life of the bench is related to the cleanliness of the air. In temperate areas, it can be working in general laboratories. But, in tropical or subtropical areas, where the atmosphere contains pollen or dusty areas, it should be in a better room with double doors for use. Don’t place the clean bench hood face the open door or window anytime to not affect the service life of the filter.

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