With the development of science and technology, manufacturers in various industries have adopted clean room workshops in the production process of their products. Especially the production of some high-tech products requires a high-level production environment. Today we will share with you the features of the Class 100 clean room.

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What is the Class 100 clean room definition? The cleanroom classification is related to cleanliness. In Class 100 clean room, the maximum number of particles with 0.1 microns cannot be more than 100.

High construction investment cost

The construction cost of Class 100 clean room is very high. Generally speaking, a clean room with a vertical unidirectional flow of Class 100 has interior decoration and air conditioning purification systems. In addition, pure water preparation and system piping, pure gas generation and system piping, wastewater treatment equipment and piping, fire protection system, power supply and distribution and automatic control system, vacuum cleaning system, etc. The construction investment cost a lot.

Features of Class 100 clean room

Large operation and management costs

Because the high-level clean room has a large purification air volume and a large fresh air volume, it requires a HEPA filter. In addition, the Class 100 clean room has strict requirements on temperature and humidity, so the air heat and humidity treatment and air transmission and distribution consume large amounts of energy, need a lot of power, and are expensive in operation.

Flexible and adaptable

Since the rapid development of science and technology, high-tech products continue to appear, especially the development of the electronics industry is changing with each passing day. It requires that the clean room must be able to adapt to its development speed, with excellent flexibility and adaptability. Because the construction of a clean factory is a big project, when designing and constructing a clean room, it is necessary to consider the development and change of the process and the flexibility and adaptability of the clean rooms.

From the perspective of flexible adaptation of a clean room, it has three parts:

  1. The immutable parts. Such as beams, columns, and other structural elements.
  2. The variable but not easy to change parts, such as the enclosure and decoration of the clean room.
  3. The variable parts include the supply part of power, air, water gas solvent, and the discharge part of exhaust gas, wastewater, and waste.

Safe and reliable.

Safety and reliability must be the priority of clean room design. Ensure that all parameters such as cleanliness, temperature and humidity, wind speed, pressure, and other parameters of the clean room constructed must meet the production process’s requirements to ensure safety and reliability.

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