An air filter pad eliminates solid particulates from the air, such as dust, pollen, mold, and germs, using fibrous or porous materials to keep the atmosphere healthy and clean.

The coarse filter pad is a suitable medium for air conditioning or creating pre-filters such as panel or bag filters because of its low initial resistance and substantial dust holding capacity.

They are durable and versatile and are reusable as well.

Functions of Filter Pad

The primary duty of Filter pad roll is to purify the air. Filters catch and contain a variety of particles and impurities that might harm your health and wellbeing, like dirt, dust, pollens, mold, mold spores, lint, fibers, particles of metal, plaster, animal fur, bacteria, and other microorganisms, etc.

Filtration happens most commonly when used air is returned to the system to be conditioned and delivered afresh. The material in the filter eliminates particles and other impurities from the air as it is pumped through it.

Filter pad rolls are excellent in keeping the atmosphere fresh and beneficial by blocking or capturing all the air contaminants.

Coarse filter pads are used in automobile spray shops, stoving varnish rooms, and home appliance paint operating systems.

Different types of the Filter Pad

Three different types of filters are mentioned below. You may choose the one that best meets your requirements. All three have their distinguishable features.

FP – G2 type:

It has a 75% efficiency rate against dust and other germs

Has the pressure difference of 30 Pa

Works at temperatures up to 100 degrees

They are 10 +- 2 mm in thickness

Air velocity of 2 m/s

Nominal airflow of 7200 m^3/h

Have dust holding capacity of 400g/m^3

FP – G3 type:

85% efficient against dust and other germs

Has the pressure difference of 30 Pa

Works at temperatures up to 100 degrees

They are 15 +- 2 mm thick

Air velocity of 1.5 m/s

Nominal airflow of 5400 m^3/h

Have dust holding capacity of 500g/m^3

FP – G4 type:

It has a 91% efficiency rate against dust and other germs

It has a pressure difference of 38 Pa

Works at temperatures even up to 100 degrees

They are 20 +- 2 mm thick

Air velocity of 1.0 m/s

Nominal airflow of 3600 m^3/h

This type has maximum dust holding capacity, which is 600g/m^3

All three types have the same length of 200 mm and width of 10 / 20, but they differ in thickness. All of these come in pre-cut pad sizes for easy use.

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